Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday

Back a few weeks ago my WIP post was about table mat covers I was working on with some lovely fabrics.  I had four tables in the living room to cover.  This past week I finished the LAST one.  OK, so technically, maybe this is not a WIP post, as the project IS finished.  Sew...well...sue me.  But, YAY, all four tables are now covered with coordinated fabric covers...and...if you know me very well you know I'm a matchy-matchy kinda gal.

And.... most of the top of the mat was sewn with my NEW (OLD)  SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT SEWING MACHINE.  I bought this beauty (Barbie is her name) a little over a month ago.  She was born in 1953 and she is in awesome shape and runs like a deer! A John Deere, even.   John Deere fans (like my McStevie) know how GREAT that is!  (Oh, and a shout out thank you to my friend Cliff for finding her and saving her for me....smooches to you Cliff.)  See some pics of Barbie (named after my Aunt Barb who was instrumental in my love for quilting) further down the page.

New end table cover~if you click on the pic you will get a closeup of the quilting.


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