Sunday, November 23, 2008

The AHH-HA moment with the CHICKEN and the COLANDER….

Sew did you ever figure something out just at that one moment and then you wondered why you never thought of it before?

Well, this weekend I was cooking a nice meal of homemade mac and cheese and baked chicken. I had cooked the macaroni, drained it, rinsed out the drainer and set it down on the other side of the sink so that I could get my chicken ready. My method is prolly pretty much like yours. Open the package, take out the giblets, wash the chicken and get it in some kind of cooking contraption.

Sew, as I am slicing open the chicken package, I am thinkin’ how I wish there was a better way of maneuvering this chicken under the water so that I don’t just contaminate everything around the sink. At that very moment I looked over to the other side of the sink and there was a light bulb, well, not zactly in the sink, but a light bulb moment, for there was my lovely green colander from my macaroni’s shower, just sittin’ there - doing nothing; not servicing me in any way. Matter of fact I was sure I heard a “na na na na na” coming from it. I picked it up and placed my lovely little 3 pound chicken in it and both chicken and Cindy were SEWHAPPY! I rinsed it, gave it a paper towel pat on the hinny and I was on to the business of cookin’ a dinner that would make McStevie marvel at my culinary talents. (But then, that is pretty common.) You can bet I will use that little trick again. Try it, it really works great! Yup, it was one of those AHH-HA moments. I am easily amused.

"na na na na na"

sitting pretty

shower me with your love

ready for the oven

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, Maxine Says..Don't Make Me Use UPPERCASE...but Sew says... DO MAKE ME USE UPPERCASE, cause I like to use UPPERCASE when I am celebrating something or good news has arrived. Like...The Etsy Angels and their Angel Helpers made a total of $677.88 during the month of October for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness. That is AWESOME!!!! (Notice the upper case?)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I love Christmas. It is the best time to have your loved ones around. I enjoy making these sweet "quilted cards". They take time, but anything that can be made with fabric is just wonderful.
They are a 5x7 generous size card, complete with matching envelope. You should see my Christmas stash of fabric....Oi Vey! It is a sickness, I tell ya!

Click here to see them in my shop.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

If you haven’t

been over to the Artisan Shoppe yet, you are missing out! There are WONDERFUL artists there. Here are a few of the wonderful products that I have tried from their shops. I can tell you from personal experience ~~ they are absolutely AWESOME! You can find the clicks to their shops right there in the Artisan Shoppe. How cool is that? There are several more shops located here that I will be purchasing from, so stay tuned to this blog for more updates on the Artisan Shoppe artists and their lovelies! Oh yeah, hey, Christmas is coming ~~ FAST!

The Copper Cauldron~~AKA agoodwitchtoo's shop~~AKA My favorite good (and bad) witch

Heather's Handmade Creations
has wonderful cards~~ Heather did this custom order for me. My quilt friends love these cards! Click on her shop link located at the left of the Artisan Shoppe page.

AND, this was a wonderful assortment. That fisherman card went to my "fisherman" brother.

These beautiful organic facecloths came from Ms. Moo of Spotted Cow Soaps ~~ I got 2 sets to go with the good witch's soap above. Sew soft......oh, and Ms. Moo has the most awesome soaps too! She is sew multi-talented! Click on her shop link located at the left of the Artisan Shoppe page.

You'll find scrumptious treats of the most awesome kind in Double Dipped Sweets shop! Like this Toffee Caramel Popcorn. My taste buds were the sewhappiest ever!

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Don't forget to sign up for your account on Blog Talk Radio so that you can listen to the show live on Monday nights at 9pm EST. And, you can join us in the chat room during the live show for some fun. Feel free to drop the links to your shop, blogs, or anything else that you think may tickle everyone's fancy. We just ask that you keep it child friendly! Make some new friends... listen to blockhead and agoodwitchtoo, that lovely witch with curves! WOOTS! Sweet Huckleberry Arts will be monitoring the chat room (that would be the lovely Mrs. Rod). She keeps everybody in line..oh wait, she is the head instigater..hmm...she will add the little bit of spice we need.

As the #1 fan, my job is to make an occasional visit to the show to report. Report what, you ask? Well, whatever roving reporters report! There was no job description on this, people...operatin' on a slim budget!

Seriously, my first report is on the great etsy team of Etsy Angels. Read more about them on the etsyangelsteam blog.

Check out this great giveaway of Christmas cards from talented artist, Debra Linker that will be given to one lucky person that calls in to the show this Monday evening, November 3. See her etsy shop here.

And, check out the new Artisan's Shoppe ~~ launched November 1st. You will find Debra there and a certain sewhappy person's shop..*wink wink*, might see a witch flyin' *wink, wink* Huckleberry and Rod too! A great way to find some new artisans and maybe get a Christmas gift or two to help cross off some of the people on your list... whether they're naughty or nice I'm sure you'll be able to find that special something!