Friday, April 27, 2012


Addressing the Assurance Program coming soon to Artfire:  It isn't the cost of one dollar a month, but the new plan itself.  I already had good return policy and had 0 complaints to "handle" with an exemplary 5 out of 5 rating at Artfire. I did not need AF to step in an overrule my policy.  When I was told I had a fixed rate for life, I thought that was an agreement.  Not so.  How can I trust a site that is so screwed up bold?

The Artfire selling site is not the same.  It's too bad that that sites like facebook and artfire always think that "change is good", we will make it better.  Not always.  Why don't you do a poll to your customers/clients/shop owners BEFORE you initiate the change to get feedback and THEIR reaction?  Are your customers/clients/shop owners not WORTHY of "being in the loop"?  When Artfire first announced their new policies many of my online fellow artisans left.  I decided to opt to a "wait and see".  The wait and see period is over.  RIP Artfire.

Closing was a tough decision.  I have been a member of Artfire since 2009.  My shop is scheduled to close April 30.  All items remaining in the shop are 30% off.  I am still an active seller on Etsy.