Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's New Wednesday!

I've been neglecting my blog.  My last post was in July.  Whoa!!  Summer was a blur.  A few extra hours working the day job with special projects, my SewHappyDesigns business and vacation and family life kept me pretty busy. Such.is.life.  I like my day job working for a non-profit.  I like sewing for my Sewhappy business.  I like love my family.  Some things need to stand still while the whirl of life goes 'round.  An F5 hurricane is a bit too much whirl.  Well, I haven't really gotten to F5 stage, but close to F3! As I said, I like to be busy.
Busy leads to creativity and ideas that get sparked at 3AM.  Creative is good...sew bring it...bring on the busy!

Here's what's new~~
My latest venture is participating in the winter farmers market....the indoor fall market at the Paddock Arcade, the oldest continuously operating covered shopping mall in the US.   I created the flyer below and the pictures are from my displays.  As you can see, my SewHappy hands make a variety of items, mostly smaller quilted or sewn items, many made from my personal patterns.  I also have the patterns for sale.

I am scheduling other sales venues, just to branch out the SewHappyDesigns name.  One does need to have a plan to when one retires.  After all, I will need to have a fail proof plan for $$ for a future "fabric fix".

Happy Wednesday~
AKA SewHappy