Thursday, June 25, 2009

~~I'm Featured~~ WOOTS!!

I am sewhappy to report that I have been featured on Tami Murray Cline's (AKA TMCPhoto) blog called TMCPhoto-peanutbutterpie .


It is always sew wonderful how crafters meet by chance. I made a little hanger for fun one day after chatting up a storm in an artfire chatroom about tiaras. I put it on my blog as a give-away and Tami of TMCPhoto won the little gem! Read about that here:

I checked out Tami's blog and saw that she was on a wonderful family vacation at the time, sew I emailed her a little note and told her to let me know when she was back and I would get her tiara in the mail. She emailed me when she got back and asked if she could do a feature on me. Heck yes! You need to check out this very talented gal from Canada (not one, but TWO etsy shops) and enjoy her writing and the adventures of her "little peanut" on her blog.

Tami's Etsy shops:

See her awesome greeting cards at: PeanutButterPie

See her awesome photography at: TMCPhoto

Keep track of what she's up to at and Facebook at

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~~They're Here~~BHR Coasters~~

As many of you know I am the proud #1 FAN of

I've been working on the design of these coasters for about 2 weeks now. Thanks to the graphic genius of Annette, AKA HuckleberryArts over at getting the graphic(s) on a regular size sheet of paper for me. Thanks Annette!

From that, I was able to print the graphics on paper backed material and TA-DA! You can find them in my artfire shop with FREE shipping! Perfect as a hot mat under that BHR Brew Ha Ha cup of coffee in the morning! You have a choice of colored notes on black background OR black notes on white background. Both are quilted in black with a "block" decorative stitch.

BHR coasters not your cup of tea? Please note that I have many material choices for coasters and would love to do a custom set for you, just contact me at

Monday, June 15, 2009

~~I WON~~

OMG ~~

I returned from a crap load of errands this afternoon to find a wonderful surprise!

Oh geeze, I best begin at the beginning. As most of you know, I am the #1 fan of Well, last Friday, there was a giveaway from blockheadradio, but as usual you had to be listening and call in to win. The give away was a new blockheadradio (BHR) candle that my friend, Marie Bressler, over at created for BHR's morning Brew Ha Ha Show, as she is also a great fan. (Who isn't?) I LUV LUV candles. Sew....I listened all day, (whilst sewing and puting) except for a brief trip to the grocery store. Finally, that evening, Rod was taking the third caller and WOOTS, it was ME!

Sew, my surprise this afternoon is this gorgeous candle from Sky. Hazelnut is my favorite flavor of coffee and this candle smells SEW WONDERFUL. It looks good enough to eat. Judge for yourself, take a look at this pic. I really hate to light it. I think I have to create a special candle mat for it!

Marie has a whole line of wonderful candles at her website, check it out. I would recommend you start with the BHR candle. WOOTS!

Friday, June 05, 2009

~Features for Friday~

Pigatopia Studios is Shannon Ivins. She is an amazing artist and uses her art to help animals all over the USA. She has 12 pot bellied pigs, 6 dogs, and a cat that are all rescues. She donates a lot of time, art and money to help those who cannot help themselves. Here is some of her awesome work.

Shannon's blog is here.

Click here for her Etsy shop

Click here for her Artfire shop
Franni over at Auntifranni's Sunny Days Embroidery is an embroidery artist. She does awesome custom work and has several items to choose from. You will find lots of great pieces in her shops below. Check them out. Here are some pieces that I like. I love the twilight series, so this little USB/Lipstick holder is really adorable. I checked her etsy shop and one of her biggest sellers is the sweet Ninja Bottle Holder.

Click here for Auntifranni's blog
Click here for Auntifranni's Etsy shop

Click here for Auntifranni's Artfire shop

Oh yeah, AND Franni's husband, Rob is also an amazing artist. You will find his art work in her artfire shop. Here is one of his pieces...Serenity.

Monday, June 01, 2009

And the winner is~~~

TMC Photo

Congrats Tami!!
You are CROWNED!!
Here is her winning post...

TMCPhoto said...
I'm not the tiara kind of gal although I did think I was way back when I was 9 (who didn't want to be a princess when they were that age?) granted I wanted to be an elf princess and be a part of the fellowship of the ring with my own bow and arrows but I digress. I know someone who would adore that shelf hanger, she rarely if ever takes off her tiara.

Take a look at her etsy shops: