Monday, December 24, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIP (work in progress) Wednesday~~ Messy=Creative

Sew you know that old saying "it takes a village".  This is my workspace in it's current state.  I'm not ashamed to show you how messy I get.  I think it may have been worse last week.  I have been sewing inventory for my SewHappyDesigns etsy shop and also a few Christmas presents.  More Christmas presents are in the thinking stage, but have not made it to the sewhappy cave.  Yes, running out of time.

Throw having the flu in the mix for the past few days and you can color me stressed. No it's fine, really.  I do what I can do because I know that all of my "handmade" internet craft friends are experiencing some of the same and that gives me comfort.  I call these wonderful artists, my "handmade" friends, very appropriate!

Putting on my big girl panties until Christmas and then McStevie and I have a week off to relax.  Ahhhhh