Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am in the artisan challenge this week!

I am very proud to be in the artisan challenge this week with my "survivor" cancer pillow.

If you wish to purchase the pillow send me an email at or go to my etsy shop located here.

You can read more about the pillow here and see 4 more pictures of it. If you click on the picture you will get a close up of the decorative stitching. I have a retail price on this pillow of $20. There is a discount of 15% off this pillow, due to end on October 31st. I am extending it until November 10th if you purchase it through asking for it in my email. Also, 10% of the sale goes to the Susan G. Koman breast cancer foundation.

If you wish to vote for me and my pillow go here and scroll down until you see the circles to vote. If you vote for me, I thank you in advance.

THANK YOU to Rod for picking my pillow for his etsy challenge this week. XXOO

The cutest think pink email....ever....

I got this email from a friend in Florida...isn't she cute? Had to share!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Goodwitch has struck...AGAIN

I got this cute little blogger tag from my witchy buddy at She has a great blog and an awesome story about a quilt on her blog. Apparently she is bored and wants me to spill information……again…but…how can I resist…. I mean…look at those curves…and that cute little broom…she is too witchy for her own good.….geeze louise. So SHE did it, so I will now reveal 6 things I value and 6 things I don’t value…but first…these are the COMPLETE rules:

The Rules for the Award are as follows:

1. Mention the blog that gave you the award and comment on their blog, when you post the award.

2. List 6 things you VALUE and 6 things you DON'T VALUE.

3. Pass the award on to 6 other blog buddies.


1- The freedom to worship the God that I choose - I will not wig you out on religion, but I believe in a higher power and that we were all put on the earth to be the best that we can be. Figuring out what that is and getting to it is the journey…the journey is your life. I believe in Karma, I define as... “what goes around, comes around”. Nuff said.

2-Family- There is no greater support in my life and no greater definition of love.

3-Friends- WOW, I have meet more new wonderful friends this past year than ever before in my life…what an awesome blessing!

4-My massage therapist – I have back pain and she has the hands of an angel. Plus she is an awesome lady. Recently the power went out soon after she had started my massage. She quickly lit a bunch of candles. We laughed and chatted the whole time. I wrote her check by using the light on my cell phone as a flashlight. Fun times!

5-Quilt/fabric shops – they support my addiction. I am currently in a 12-step program, though. Please pray for me.

6-Cooking – Thanks to my grandmother, Mom and many great cooks in my family I can make pretty much anything…I wish Martha and Rachel would quit stealing my thunder.


1-The Media Frenzy – I don’t really care if Britney Spears shaves her head…it’s her head. And.. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT FOR A MONTH!

2- Pencil thin…Size 1, Size 2…models with hollow cheeks…I mean SEW unhealthy looking. It is NOT the role model for our young women. Give me a gal with a little hip and I will show you a hip and happening gal. Curves are lovely...embrace them.

3-Face lifts and other enhancements- If God wanted you to look like you were on a permanent roller coaster, he would have placed you there.

4-Drivers that don’t signal – One question…why? Were you absent the day they covered that in Drive Ed?

5-Loud Commercials – Annoys the hell out of me. Like if I hear it louder it might make me buy it more often? I think not. Every time I hit the down sound button I swear at the commercial.

6-Wallpaper – This last one I didn’t know until recently. I want to redo a bedroom that currently has wallpaper and it is awful stuff to get off walls. I will never wallpaper again…ever…that’s final.

OK, now that last rule says to pass on to 6 buddies. I really don’t like rules much…I run with scissors. Sew if you are reading this and the idea of doing this little exercise sounds like fun…by all means please do it and link it back to sewhappy. K?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


to have been asked to join the Angel Etsy Team. You can read about the angels etsy team on the team blog. The most recent angel cause/event was breast cancer awareness. Many shops, including mine have participated by selling “think pink” items for the month of October to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Please take a look at some of the shops when you can -- and click on -- and buy pink! This is an awesome caring group of people. Thank you for asking me, I will try to make you proud.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AND THE WEINER IS...............

Stormy Designs has won my Christmas mat give-a-way from the blockheadrod blog talk radio show. See her etsy store here.... and............her blog here.

Congrats Stormy!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Due to technical difficulties...Free give-away for chatting in the chat room of the Blockheadrod Christmas show now TUESDAY night from 9-11PM

From quiltas u go mat

From quiltas u go mat

From quiltas u go mat

From quiltas u go mat

NOTE: THERE WERE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH BLOG TALK RADIO MONDAY NIGHT AND THE SHOW GOT CUT OFF IN THE MIDDLE......ROD WILL BE BACK WITH THE SAME SHOW TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 21 ~~ FROM 9-11pm EST. Those that were in the chat for Monday evening's show are still in the drawing...if you come back in the chat for TUESDAY Evening's SHOW, I will put you in the drawing TWICE!! A double WOOT TO YOU!!~~ Thanks for your patience~~

Win this lovely little quilted all-purpose mat just by tuning into the blockheadrod show and coming into the chat room and chatting with blockheadrod and the rest of the cronies!

Here's how it will work: Sewhappy will be in the chat room and all those that enter will have their name written on a little entry form piece of paper...2x2 inch square..paper will be folded and put in a basket. During the last 15 minutes of the show sew will close her eyes and pull out the winner. I know that everyone's lives are hectic, so if you can't listen to all of the show you will not be penalized. However, you MUST be there for at least ONE HOUR.

If you are not familiar with blogtalkradio and wish to join in the fun, please go to and click to signup. You will need to have a login name and a password. I recommend you use your etsy store name (if you have one), or a name that will identify you in some way to the rest of the group. I recommend that you do the sign-up sometime that is not just BEORE the show. It will be a smoother transition for you when it comes time for the show. Blockheadrod usually opens the chat a few minutes earlier than the show, so come and chat just before 9PM...there will be a "chat" button to click. Then when the show starts there is a button to click on to listen to the show. Rod will begin the show but usually waits a few minutes for people to get in the chat and listen to the show before he gets too far into his message. If you wish to listen to any of blockheadrod's other shows, just go the blockheadrod show site and click on any of his shows...there are many worth listening to regarding promoting your shops.

Now there have been known to be glitches with the chat portion of the show, so if there are technical difficulties and there is no chat. Sew is going to set up a thread under BUSINESS TOPICS called "Blockheadrod blog talk radio show does Christmas" and post this blog entry so we may get some new listeners. And then, if the chat doesn't work for some reason we can go there and chat while we listen to the show.

Good Luck! I will be sewhappy to send this to YOU!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'd like to THANK the ACADEMY....

I am honored to be the Artisan of the Day on the blockheadrod artisan challenge blog. He has posted my bio.

Thanks SEW much, Rod for giving me this sweet award!

Where you will find me:

My sewhappydesigns shop on etsy:

My sewhappy designs blog:

My teaching schedule and website:

An Amish Furniture shop owned by Mary and John Dufresne....they sell many of my quilted items here:

Monday, October 06, 2008

It was a double woot day!

My first woot is because I made these lovely custom vendor/craft aprons for TheBumbleBeeStudio and MooseBerryhill and actually got them done and in the mail in time for their craft show this weekend. Isn’t that moose button just the bomb??? Bunnie from the BumbleBee provided the fabric ‘cause she will have that same plaid on the her tables….(she is all about matchy-matchy) and I had a heck of a time figuring out which moose fabric I wanted to put in Ms. Moosey’s creation….I think it turned out sweet, though. Oh yeah, and I got McStevie the new James Taylor CD “Covers” as a little side anniversary gift and I listened to it the whole time I was making Moosey’s apron yesterday….awesome… James… thank you…you rock.

PS ~~ I just had to add woot to my computer dictionary…what’s up with that?

There are a total of 7 pockets to include a pocket for business cards, two for pens/pencils; lots of room for your needs. The loop is to hold a pair of scissors. The largest pocket has a velcro closure so all of your hard-earned cash stays put. You can use the apron as a work apron..great for quilters, seamstresses, artists, waitresses - you name it, it is handy! Soon to be a custom item in the sewhappydesigns etsy shop.

My daughter is modeling mine, the prototype...the very first one I have ever made! Perfect fabric for me, don't ya think?

My second woot is that I got featured in an etsy treasury today….how awesome is that? Sewinggranny made a treasury collection of etsy stores with “think pink” sections to honor Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October. She was kind enough to feature me. To my knowledge this is my first treasury entry. I bow to you Ms. Mona sewinggranny, thank you!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A shout out to blockheadrod ~~graphic made by Moi

I had fun making this for Rod. He has honored me with using it on his blog talk radio page, but he is modest, so he cut out the Rod Rocks! I am placing the whole graphic here so that you can cut and paste for your blog or other sites. If that doesn’t work, convo me thru sewhappydesigns and I will send it on to you. The man needs to have total recognition, because he DOES ROCK for handmade at etsy and works tirelessly to plug all crafters. The plugger lugger has an awesome radio show and you need to tune in. You can get the site for the show here. Thanks for all you do, Rod.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Say it ain’t sew, Cindy~~

Cindy is not sewhappy today. No woots, no double woots, nadda. I am a bad wife. I am sewwwwww sorry.

Today is my 38 wedding anniversary. I am married to a sweet loving adoring man, my McStevie….and I just don’t deserve him.

OK, I didn’t get him a card to open this morning. I thought of it after he arrived home yesterday from his day....and I began to beat myself....hard....I was busted....and I couldn't tell him. I wouldn't tell him, why spoil his night? I was awake half the night riddled with guilt and so slept through his leaving for work this morning. I wasn’t awake to tell him I adore him and he is the center of my universe….no instead I travel to the kitchen to get my coffee and find MY CARD, my beautiful anniversary card that says just the right stuff to make me melt. AWWW…guilt pangs are running up and down my spine. add to that, I have the day off today to enjoy as I want, and hubby has to work! Urghh...does it get worse?

I am usually not so bad about this stuff, but I have been sew distracted. As of late, my brain hard drive is on control/alt/delete. It has been all about me and I messed up.

Well, I sort of have an excuse…lame as it is. I went to the eye Dr. yesterday and he put drops in my eyes. They made my pupils as big as my butt and they gave me plenty of blurred vision. I got out of there late and was rushing to get home.
Moosebeery Hill radio show would be on in less than a half an hour and I wanted to get myself some wine and snack before I sat down with the puter and prepared to chat. I sailed by the drug store, the grocery store, the convenience store. They were blurry, but nonetheless still there.

I had so many other thoughts in my head….would I make it home without having an accident, and if I did what would the police think after viewing my saucer size pupils? It would be a false drug bust. It would not be sew pretty.

Would I make it in time for tuning in to the radio show?

Would I get to sew on The Bumble Bee Studio craft apron before the debate???

Would Gov Palin be an idiot during the debate…or…would she prove to be much more than a hockey mom…would she be on her way…moving from Russia…er….I mean….Alaska…to the White House….I pondered if she would lose the fight and become a friend…I had visions of Sarah,Tina (Fey), Katie (Couric) and me going to a Mary Kay party and testing the new “hockey lipsticks”.

Deep in thought, deep in self-indulgence my thoughts on my anniversary were out there, I’m sure of it….but I was just consumed.

McStevie deserves better.

Let me just say that we have been together since we were teenagers and God willing we will be together until the end of time. Like Forrest Gump and his Jennie, we are like peas and carrots. Back in high school, he had me at “hello”.

I love you, my McStevie.

PS ~~So not to add to the aforementioned guilt, I am giving a BIG shout out to our daughter Mandy. Today is her birthday. Born on our anniversary and the baby of our little family, she is a sweetheart! Hugs and Kisses, Happy Birthday, Mandy! She is coming for the weekend. Now if we could see son Jeff, daughter in law, Sheila (JELA), Tucker and Tessa our world would be rockin’.