Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go green, people.....please

I saw this picture on the internet.....
it through me into a bit of a hissy Caps fit.

Don't you think there are ENOUGH PLASTIC BAGS in the world?

I'm never without my "green" fabric bags when I grocery shop.

I just don't like to see plastic hanging from my roadside trees and ditches. It's just not very attractive...and so very wasteful and needless. But the thing that really makes me see red is that I see few people "bothering" with bringing their own reusable shopping bags to the store. Why? Is it really that hard to keep them in your car? They are so inexpensive to buy and if you have access to a sewing machine, very easy to make, (click on these tip-nut links, for a few). I wish stores would "make" you BUY your plastic bags like some do in European countries. If that were the case, perhaps there would be more "green" bags being used at the supermarket.

My friend Char over at her CharSpirit's shop makes grocery bags that fold into their own little pouch. Check them out.

I have a bunch of old denim jeans and when I get to it, want to try to make a few reusable bags for eventually the "green" ones I've bought will wear out.

And... because I love crafts....check out some craft projects you can make with plastic bags....over at You can do a google search and find even more!!

Go green people....please.

Friday, January 15, 2010

~Reorganizing Project~ Inside and Outside of the Sewing Cave

Sew I've been talking about my fabric and supplies reorganization project since the beginning of December when I got my new storage cabinets for my birthday. We got them half price at Lowes at Thanksgiving time. We've got a ranch style house with a full basement. In the basement is a separate room ("cave") that's used for my sewing and teaching quilting. It's a wonderful room with great lighting and lots of room to spread out. See before pics of the cave below (when I was crazy with sewing gifts for Christmas) and the after pics when Christmas was over and I was able to get it back in order. You can click on the picture for more of a close-up.

What a mess!

Now doesn't this look better?

Here are some of the lovely things that surround me when I sew...You will see that many of my lovelies were given or made for me by my wonderful friend Pat. We have many things in of the major ones is our love of sewing and quilting.

The outside (one whole side) of the basement is devoted to SewHappyDesigns. The classroom/sewing room is a room by itself. Outside of that room the whole side of the basement is dedicated to my fabric/supplies storage and cutting area, and other tables for creating.

The cupboards sat around until after Christmas because there was just too much to do with the making of many of my Christmas gifts this year. We had a week off after Christmas so McStevie put the cupboards together (exclaiming, "wow, these really fit together well"....thank you Lowe's and Black and Decker) and my part of the organizing project began. Fabrics were brought out from several large clear plastic boxes and sorted, some by color, some by theme. One large container now has several pieces to donate to a worthy cause. There were stray patterns, tons of applique patterns I often use, books and more that had to be sorted so that I could find them more easily. Most of them now have a home in the old file cabinets that were partially empty at the end of the room. Clippings and appliques and misc. all have a home listed alphabetically, much easier to find. (Now I just have to keep it that way!) I still have a few things in files in another room upstairs that needs to be incorporated, but saving that for another day.

These are the BEFORE pics of this cupboard is together, just hangin out in the mess.

And here is the AFTER. This picture is taken from the bottom of the the door of my "sewing cave".

So, with more moving help from McStevie, (my hero)...viola....the rest of the outside of the cave looks great...awesome even.

Keep in mind this is an unfinished basement, so it isn't super pretty cosmetically.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Newest Creation

Microwave Potato Bags!
Sewhappydesigns newest handmade item! Fun to make. Will be making more in different fabrics, so if you don't care for the potato front just contact me!

These make your potatoes turn out unbelievably soft and flaky in half the time of the oven, making it a lovely "green" energy efficient item! It really works!!! Microwave watts vary, so you may have to experiment. Mine bake up awesome in 8 minutes. Each bag will hold 3-4 medium size potatoes.

My bags are made with ALL pre-washed cotton fabrics and cotton batting. Never buy one made with any type of polyester (including pre-quilted polyester fabrics) as they could start a fire in your microwave. Each bag comes with an instruction label. The best part? You can throw them safely in the washer and dryer when washing is needed. No worries!

I had trouble trying to find a potato applique for the front, so I made my own freehand. I'm sew! All inside seams are finished. Approximately 9 inches square.

You will find the my appliques potato bags for sale in my etsy shop here.