Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Newest Creation

Microwave Potato Bags!
Sewhappydesigns newest handmade item! Fun to make. Will be making more in different fabrics, so if you don't care for the potato front just contact me!

These make your potatoes turn out unbelievably soft and flaky in half the time of the oven, making it a lovely "green" energy efficient item! It really works!!! Microwave watts vary, so you may have to experiment. Mine bake up awesome in 8 minutes. Each bag will hold 3-4 medium size potatoes.

My bags are made with ALL pre-washed cotton fabrics and cotton batting. Never buy one made with any type of polyester (including pre-quilted polyester fabrics) as they could start a fire in your microwave. Each bag comes with an instruction label. The best part? You can throw them safely in the washer and dryer when washing is needed. No worries!

I had trouble trying to find a potato applique for the front, so I made my own freehand. I'm sew proud..lol! All inside seams are finished. Approximately 9 inches square.

You will find the my appliques potato bags for sale in my etsy shop here.


Anonymous said...

Hey...that is an awesome potato bag! Love that fabric too :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's awesome - go you!