Monday, August 09, 2010

I LOVE custom orders!

It was a very productive day in the sewing cave! I had the pumpkin pillowcase finished last week, and the sheep pillowcase cut out, so the I was able to finish the sheep one today and will have it ready to mail soon. I have more of the sheep fabric, if you love sheep!

I made these for my internet buddy Anne. She is getting them for her lovely daughters Renee and Amanda. Renee likes the sheep and Amanda likes the pumpkins and crows. Anne has an awesome shop named Leather Made Nice, check it out here. She has wonderful leather jewelry and does custom orders as well.

Next up in the cave was a custom order quilted netbook cover for another internet friend, Deronda of Deronda Designs. Check out her website here. This was a challenge. I had the measurements of Deronda's netbook, so while looking for some fabrics I came across a quilted piece that I had once intended to be a placemat. This is a placemat pattern that I created and have a copyright. I started with the quilted piece and was able to add two pockets and some detail pieces, an elastic loop and pretty heart button to complete the project. I was making it as a prototype, creating the pattern as I went. I was hoping that Deronda might like the prototype well enough to purchase and she did! I love to work with Americana fabrics and have a handsome stash of them! If you would like something made with Americana fabrics, I would love to do it for you!