Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WIP (Works in Progress) Wednesday (Yes it's only Tuesday, I'm an overachiever) :)

I have been trying to do a little subtle redecorating in between other sewing projects.  Giving the living room some spots of color. I found some paisleys and some blue that I fell in love with from a collection by Legacy Studios     from Joann fabrics.  This fabric is rich and washed up great so I knew I was gonna love it!  I showed you a "10 minute table runner" and the long custom table runner I  made with the fabric back in these posts.

This weekend I finished a mat for my favorite table.  The table was made for me by the husband of my friend Karen who used to attend my classes.  Jim is an expert woodworker and basically built a home from the ground up and most everything in it.  Karen and Jim are awesome friends, but now live at the other end of the moon map - in Florida.  I think of them whenever I look at my table and I look at it many times a day because it's the first thing you see when you walk in the living room.  I really hope we can visit them sometime in the not-so-distant future. 

Back to the mat.....I chose to do the mat in only two colors, but reversed it to the larger print so I would have a choice with decorating. It's made from my Reversible Candle Mat pattern.  I've made literally hundreds of them and never get tired of making them. (Sorry about the background mess, it's messy in the cave these days.)   :)


I have one more table to cover.  (Then I can get the Christmas mat off that table...lol.) I'll be using the same fabric theme but need to pick an easy pattern.  I am covering a space that is approximately 20x20.  I think I'll try some half and quarter square triangles on this one!

PS -I also used those fabrics to do a little project at my Quilt Peeps meeting last week.  We were making a folded star potholder.  Mine was a bit bigger and heavier, but I really like it. I'm anxious to finish it. I only have to put on the back, do a little quilting to hold, and the binding.  Just need to carve out a little time.  (Yup yet ANOTHER WIP not yet finished. :(   I used a pattern I found here at Bronze Wombat. Thank you Jennifer in Austrailia! 

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Bring on 2013

If I have learned nothing from 2012, I’ve learned that life is precious and short and you never know when you will lose someone you love.  Of course I knew this before the year 2012.  I have been around awhile.  

But..this past holiday season has been ultra special.  I've appreciated and  have savored every minute of every hour of each day - from the opening of Christmas gifts with our family to the New Year's Day mimosas with my sweetie. Not one minute of it was taken for granted...always aware of living each moment.   It’s been great...heaven.   

Vacation is pretty much over and back to work tomorrow…but memories for 2012 have been made and life is sweet …really sweet.  I know that I am very blessed and thank God for all that he has given me.

My New Year's resolution is to strive to keep living in the moment and be aware of the love around me. 

Bring on 2013.