Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday

So the good news is... I have made progress with my custom table runner.  I got it "sandwiched" and turned and have the first row of quilting (3/8 inch in from the seam) with some pretty variegated thread. I still have the rest of the quilting to work out in the body.  Click on the pic for a close up.

The bad news is...I put it on the entertainment center for fit and discovered it is not going to cover the entire entertainment center top like I planned.  When I added the two extra rows on the end to accommodate the points and then cut on the 90 degree angle, I created an opening also on the table because of those side points.  (See HERE on my pic for the corner.) So my goal of something pretty that COVERS the entire table fell through.  Color me NOT sewhappy!  The table is cherry wood. Eventually those corners will leave a mark because the wood will change with light. And THAT was the point of covering it completely with something pretty.

Lucky for me I still have enough of those fabrics for a do-over.  This means I WILL have a nice long table runner for my dining room table, which isn't a bad thing...just NOT my intention. Oy, I'm disappointed.  I've made worse calculations, I guess.  I'm going to get this quilted and take a little break with these fabrics before the do over.  I'll show you a pic next week of progress....done...hopefully.  :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday~~

Progress made last week....all but the last two rows of squares on each end.

Progress made Monday, all end squares sewn.

More progress from Monday...the ends shaped and cut, now ready to "sandwich" and quilt.  It will now sit until the weekend, but I'll be back to show progress next Wednesday.  I'm hoping I will have it finished!


This is a table runner quilt for our new entertainment center, my latest WIP.    I have done the math and decided on this fast fly- by- the- seat- of-my- pants custom pattern.  I will be making one with the same fabrics for new coffee table and end table.
Hope it all comes together like I have imagined.