Wednesday, August 08, 2012

WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday~~

Progress made last week....all but the last two rows of squares on each end.

Progress made Monday, all end squares sewn.

More progress from Monday...the ends shaped and cut, now ready to "sandwich" and quilt.  It will now sit until the weekend, but I'll be back to show progress next Wednesday.  I'm hoping I will have it finished!


This is a table runner quilt for our new entertainment center, my latest WIP.    I have done the math and decided on this fast fly- by- the- seat- of-my- pants custom pattern.  I will be making one with the same fabrics for new coffee table and end table.
Hope it all comes together like I have imagined.

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glaudius said...

This piece is very beautiful. You were really inspired on this one. I hope your coffee table and end table pieces come out as good. Mistakes and failures tend to plague my work when I start repeating interesting effects on purpose.