Friday, October 03, 2008

Say it ain’t sew, Cindy~~

Cindy is not sewhappy today. No woots, no double woots, nadda. I am a bad wife. I am sewwwwww sorry.

Today is my 38 wedding anniversary. I am married to a sweet loving adoring man, my McStevie….and I just don’t deserve him.

OK, I didn’t get him a card to open this morning. I thought of it after he arrived home yesterday from his day....and I began to beat myself....hard....I was busted....and I couldn't tell him. I wouldn't tell him, why spoil his night? I was awake half the night riddled with guilt and so slept through his leaving for work this morning. I wasn’t awake to tell him I adore him and he is the center of my universe….no instead I travel to the kitchen to get my coffee and find MY CARD, my beautiful anniversary card that says just the right stuff to make me melt. AWWW…guilt pangs are running up and down my spine. add to that, I have the day off today to enjoy as I want, and hubby has to work! Urghh...does it get worse?

I am usually not so bad about this stuff, but I have been sew distracted. As of late, my brain hard drive is on control/alt/delete. It has been all about me and I messed up.

Well, I sort of have an excuse…lame as it is. I went to the eye Dr. yesterday and he put drops in my eyes. They made my pupils as big as my butt and they gave me plenty of blurred vision. I got out of there late and was rushing to get home.
Moosebeery Hill radio show would be on in less than a half an hour and I wanted to get myself some wine and snack before I sat down with the puter and prepared to chat. I sailed by the drug store, the grocery store, the convenience store. They were blurry, but nonetheless still there.

I had so many other thoughts in my head….would I make it home without having an accident, and if I did what would the police think after viewing my saucer size pupils? It would be a false drug bust. It would not be sew pretty.

Would I make it in time for tuning in to the radio show?

Would I get to sew on The Bumble Bee Studio craft apron before the debate???

Would Gov Palin be an idiot during the debate…or…would she prove to be much more than a hockey mom…would she be on her way…moving from Russia…er….I mean….Alaska…to the White House….I pondered if she would lose the fight and become a friend…I had visions of Sarah,Tina (Fey), Katie (Couric) and me going to a Mary Kay party and testing the new “hockey lipsticks”.

Deep in thought, deep in self-indulgence my thoughts on my anniversary were out there, I’m sure of it….but I was just consumed.

McStevie deserves better.

Let me just say that we have been together since we were teenagers and God willing we will be together until the end of time. Like Forrest Gump and his Jennie, we are like peas and carrots. Back in high school, he had me at “hello”.

I love you, my McStevie.

PS ~~So not to add to the aforementioned guilt, I am giving a BIG shout out to our daughter Mandy. Today is her birthday. Born on our anniversary and the baby of our little family, she is a sweetheart! Hugs and Kisses, Happy Birthday, Mandy! She is coming for the weekend. Now if we could see son Jeff, daughter in law, Sheila (JELA), Tucker and Tessa our world would be rockin’.


Bronwyn said...

I've only had one anniversary so far, and I already feel like a schmuck. He always does so much more than I expect, more than I think I can do.

That doesn't help, but know he loves you and he knows you love him.

agoodwitchtoo said...

Ah! I'm sure McStevie understands :) Happy Anniversary to the both of you and Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Oh Cindy, like Witchy said, I'm sure he understands! AND, I already know he's a great guy, 'cause he's married to you. Don't beat yourself up sweets! Happy Anniversary!!