Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't tag me bro' aka...~six secrets~

OK, it's a play on words, "don't taze me bro" by that crazy kid at Florida State who wanted his 15 minutes.....check that 2.2 minutes of fame.

So..anywho, I have been TAGGED by my favorite witch, thegoodwitchtoo to reveal six intimate secrets about myself. Whoa....hold the phone...is Big Brother listening? OK, well, for the good witch Casandra I will dive into the cauldron and give you an idea of the things that make sewhappy so happy!

1) I luv luv to hear young children say and do the funniest things....every family member has heard a little person say something just totally clever or innocent that made you want to smile or laugh a belly laugh. I have many, but the only one that comes to mind at the moment is one year our son, Jeff and his wife, Sheila (named by the family as Jela, 'cause we are too lazy to write out both names) gave McStevie (my hubby, self-named after me watching countless hours of McDreamy and McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy) a new basketball and t-shirt from his favorite college basketball team (The Cuse in Syracuse, NY). Our then 4 year old grandson, Tucker, decided to try on the shirt, to which sewhappy gramma says "you could swim in that shirt". Well, I got a blank look from this sweet child and he looks directly in my eyes and says, no, gramma I'm just gonna wear if for a few minutes. Apparently, he thought we were going swimming. Children are so innocent and precious and precocious all at the same time...they say what they think and often repeat what you say, so be berrry, berrry careful.

2) I luv luv to watch aforesaid Grey's Anatomy and a few other shows...will Meredith ever figure out that she will never be happy, BECAUSE SHE IS TOO FRIGGIN' MUCH OF A NUT CASE! Man, don't you just wanna put your hand threw the tv and wring her little beeotchy neck....get a grip Meredith, life doesn't have to have that much drama, and IT"S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU! oh, thanks I feel sew much better now.

3) I luv luv cheese doodles, most all of them, but my absolute FAV is Wise cheese doodles, the big fat ones that melt in your mouth...oh and **sigh** they love me too.

4) I luv luv Dunkin Donuts coffee. Thanks to my friend Pat in KY! When she lived here, she and I would always travel to Syracuse together for "fabric sightings" and because she gets carsick, she would drive. And, because she had to go by "the Dunkin" before getting to my house she would bring me coffee and breakfast......I miss her so! And...damn her for getting me hooked on that coffee!

5) I luv luv my sewing/classroom. It is my sanctuary, where I go to get lost.... relax....where I spend time out when I have been bad..and I am always bad. I have four six foot tables in it now so I can really spread out and make a huge mess when I'm not having class.

Sew Happy
Time Out Space

6) I luv luv watching my birds all year long. I have one bird feeder I can see from the big living room window and one I can see from the slider in the kitchen/dining. McStevie is a doll and knows how much I luv this so he keeps them well-stocked for me. I have a pair of cardinals I call Fred and Ethel and they bring more cardinals back around in the winter....just sew lovely to watch...keeps my heart warm all winter...and winters are very long here in northern NY.


Angie Kelly Designs said...

Oh YES!!! Looks maaaaarvelous!! The only problem with the "scribe" template is the Etsy Mini doesn't look quite right unless its just a single column. Its...limiting, lets say. But there is another blog where you can get html help with the layout, but I think you've had enough excitement for one day LOL!
Congrats you! Looks great!!

The Bumble Bee Studio's blog!! said...

hey....nice background !!!
you are really coming along. glad to see you are enjoying blog land !!!

good work !! sorry i did not tell you about teh
thing...some in VERT handy !!!


agoodwitchtoo said...

Like the new template! Woot!

I wish I had a time out space :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog cause it is very pretty and very funny!
~ Adrienne

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Ok, Cin...now that I've read your post, I had to comment on the "Jela" thing. That is WAY too funny to me! LOL My husband's name is Dan and mine of course, you know, so we've been dubbed by the family as "Dangie" LOL We even sign birthday/christmas cards, "Love Dangie" Its easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just had to share!! LOL
Hugs! ♥