Monday, September 22, 2008

WOOT ~~My Latest Creation ~~

Woot....I believe if you look in the dictionary you will find it says: a loving term of excitement used by Etsy artists or also used to describe something awesome.

I have been commissioned through Etsy to make a craft aprons for Heather at her Mooseberryhill etsy shop and Julie at Thebumblebeestudio shop for their upcoming craft show. I wanted to do a "test drive" by making one for me. Mine is made from some Debbie Mumm fabric (given to me by my best buddy, Pat) and a sweet yellow check. Notice the little buttons, thread spools and stars. I wanted it to have ALL the elements that a good craft show apron SHOULD have. Here is my proto-type....WOOT!!!

It measures 20 inches wide by 11 inches deep. It has a total of 7, count 'em 7 Pockets! There are 2 very narrow pockets on the left for pen, pencil, screwdriver, what have you. It has a pocket to hold business cards. I got super clever and embroidered my etsy shop, Sew Happy Designs, name on the pocket, WOOT.

It has a large money pocket in the middle with a long Velcro enclosure, so your money won't fall out! It has 3 more pockets of various sizes, one perfect for a cell phone. All pockets are 5 1/2 inch deep. It has a ring for keys and a ring (slanted) to hold a pair of scissors. I put some sweet piping on the top of the pocket section, just for a little somethin' somethin' extra. The tails are long enough to rap around from back and then front again (dependent on your waist line).

I haven't done a craft show in ages, so until I do, I may use mine in my sewing room to hold my gadgets when I sew.

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agoodwitchtoo said...

WOOT! Very nice!!! I love all the details you've added for that little extra something something :)