Sunday, October 19, 2008

Due to technical difficulties...Free give-away for chatting in the chat room of the Blockheadrod Christmas show now TUESDAY night from 9-11PM

From quiltas u go mat

From quiltas u go mat

From quiltas u go mat

From quiltas u go mat

NOTE: THERE WERE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH BLOG TALK RADIO MONDAY NIGHT AND THE SHOW GOT CUT OFF IN THE MIDDLE......ROD WILL BE BACK WITH THE SAME SHOW TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 21 ~~ FROM 9-11pm EST. Those that were in the chat for Monday evening's show are still in the drawing...if you come back in the chat for TUESDAY Evening's SHOW, I will put you in the drawing TWICE!! A double WOOT TO YOU!!~~ Thanks for your patience~~

Win this lovely little quilted all-purpose mat just by tuning into the blockheadrod show and coming into the chat room and chatting with blockheadrod and the rest of the cronies!

Here's how it will work: Sewhappy will be in the chat room and all those that enter will have their name written on a little entry form piece of paper...2x2 inch square..paper will be folded and put in a basket. During the last 15 minutes of the show sew will close her eyes and pull out the winner. I know that everyone's lives are hectic, so if you can't listen to all of the show you will not be penalized. However, you MUST be there for at least ONE HOUR.

If you are not familiar with blogtalkradio and wish to join in the fun, please go to and click to signup. You will need to have a login name and a password. I recommend you use your etsy store name (if you have one), or a name that will identify you in some way to the rest of the group. I recommend that you do the sign-up sometime that is not just BEORE the show. It will be a smoother transition for you when it comes time for the show. Blockheadrod usually opens the chat a few minutes earlier than the show, so come and chat just before 9PM...there will be a "chat" button to click. Then when the show starts there is a button to click on to listen to the show. Rod will begin the show but usually waits a few minutes for people to get in the chat and listen to the show before he gets too far into his message. If you wish to listen to any of blockheadrod's other shows, just go the blockheadrod show site and click on any of his shows...there are many worth listening to regarding promoting your shops.

Now there have been known to be glitches with the chat portion of the show, so if there are technical difficulties and there is no chat. Sew is going to set up a thread under BUSINESS TOPICS called "Blockheadrod blog talk radio show does Christmas" and post this blog entry so we may get some new listeners. And then, if the chat doesn't work for some reason we can go there and chat while we listen to the show.

Good Luck! I will be sewhappy to send this to YOU!!


Debra Linker said...

Listening to BlockheadRod for the first time...trying to find the chat room... It's fun!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Thanks so much for doing this with the Radio Show Sew!!!

Have a beautiful night

The Magic Sleigh said...

Missed show #2, but had great fun with you on the first one, wonderful work, wonderful person, Loads of FUN