Monday, June 01, 2009

And the winner is~~~

TMC Photo

Congrats Tami!!
You are CROWNED!!
Here is her winning post...

TMCPhoto said...
I'm not the tiara kind of gal although I did think I was way back when I was 9 (who didn't want to be a princess when they were that age?) granted I wanted to be an elf princess and be a part of the fellowship of the ring with my own bow and arrows but I digress. I know someone who would adore that shelf hanger, she rarely if ever takes off her tiara.

Take a look at her etsy shops:


Rose Works Jewelry said...


TMCPhoto said...

Oh Wow!
I just got back home from a two week road trip, opened my blogger and found this! what better way to be welcomed home!

Thank you so much!