Sunday, November 23, 2008

The AHH-HA moment with the CHICKEN and the COLANDER….

Sew did you ever figure something out just at that one moment and then you wondered why you never thought of it before?

Well, this weekend I was cooking a nice meal of homemade mac and cheese and baked chicken. I had cooked the macaroni, drained it, rinsed out the drainer and set it down on the other side of the sink so that I could get my chicken ready. My method is prolly pretty much like yours. Open the package, take out the giblets, wash the chicken and get it in some kind of cooking contraption.

Sew, as I am slicing open the chicken package, I am thinkin’ how I wish there was a better way of maneuvering this chicken under the water so that I don’t just contaminate everything around the sink. At that very moment I looked over to the other side of the sink and there was a light bulb, well, not zactly in the sink, but a light bulb moment, for there was my lovely green colander from my macaroni’s shower, just sittin’ there - doing nothing; not servicing me in any way. Matter of fact I was sure I heard a “na na na na na” coming from it. I picked it up and placed my lovely little 3 pound chicken in it and both chicken and Cindy were SEWHAPPY! I rinsed it, gave it a paper towel pat on the hinny and I was on to the business of cookin’ a dinner that would make McStevie marvel at my culinary talents. (But then, that is pretty common.) You can bet I will use that little trick again. Try it, it really works great! Yup, it was one of those AHH-HA moments. I am easily amused.

"na na na na na"

sitting pretty

shower me with your love

ready for the oven