Wednesday, March 06, 2013

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday- 
 This week I am the Work in Progress...

just sew you know...I'm still always working on me - but here's the thing....
I like the person I am. I have flaws. I have hang-ups. I have had many years of soul searching, cried a river of tears and struggled to get myself to this place of peace. I have NO ONE to blame for past mistakes but ME. If you don’t like me, I’m OK with that. I. REALLY. AM.

Now get the hell out of my way!!

Disclaimer:  Please do not read anything into this post, no one has ticked me off, I am not upset with anyone,  I'm not going through a mid-life crisis (I've technically already passed mid-life), I just wanted to say this for me and all the people near my age who have been around the block and know who they are and don't sweat the small stuff...(psst....I'm saying that as nicely as I can on the world wide internet) so now please carry on with your regularly scheduled programs. And...thank you for reading.  :o)

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