Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday- 25+ AND COUNTING

There is a WIP (Works in Progress) challenge being passed around to quilters, especially those of us who have been around for awhile.  The challenge is to count the number of WIP you have...write them all down and set yourself a goal to work them in your sewing schedule.  I have over 25 and did not include some of the smaller ones that are laying around that I try to pick up when I need a break from a larger project.  

My attention span is really not (liar, liar pants on fire) the issue, it's more the colors and blocks I like to play with.  I enjoy working on bright colors in winter, it just gives me a boost! Because, as you know, winter here in northern NY is LONG...VERY LONG.  It's March 20th and we are expecting more snow this week...which is a BRUTAL quinky-dink that spring also arrives today...on the CALENDAR anyway.  Yeah, we pretty much can't wait for ignore that each year. 

But I digress...anywho...back to the 25+...
I went to my WIP drawers (does that sound kinky?), dug them all out, and gave them each a name.  Quite the eye opener.  It was a great exercise though, because at least now I know what I am up against.  I have set myself a goal to finish 1-2 minimum project(s) per month. Because I do sewing/quilting for business, charity and personal gifts, I don't see fitting in any more than that, and then I'm prolly pushing it.  I am thinking some of them may be sent out for quilting.  Only a few of them are quilts, mostly lap size or below.  The rest are table runners, Christmas projects, etc.

Below are some pics of a few of my WIP.  Maybe you could let me know which one(s) you think I should "have a go at" for April? Ya know March is almost over and I need to ease into this - like going to the dentist.                      (Click on the pic to get a closer view.)

The Calico Gals from Syracuse, NY came to our little quilt guild and taught us how to do this Watercolor Heart wall hanging in a day workshop. That was several years ago.  It just needs a border or two and quilting.  It wouldn't take much to finish!
Started this little log cabin child's quilt a few years winters (it's bright) ago because I loved the green fat quarters...just needs a border or two...quilt it...then done!
Picked this Watercolor Irish Chain quilt from a quilt magazine to try the method. The top is complete.  Prolly going to be a table just needs quilting...I'm stalled because I'm not quite sure how I want to quilt it.
I tried the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern with this very long Americana (I love Americana) table runner.  It is complete except for the quilting.  I started the quilting, but didn't like it so I took it out!  Craptastic!  This one may go to the long arm quilter.  OY...I should have ironed this before I took the's been folded a couple three years!

This was a quilt pattern, but I liked the simplicity of the block and had some fun fall and Adirondack fabrics.  I didn't feel sew in love with making a whole quilt of it -thought a nice table runner was the ticket. Because the blocks are plain it needs to be dressed up with some nice quilting.  Yeah...I need to get to that. Gotta get those quilt pins out of there! (Sorry 'bout the blurry pic.)

Geeze Louise...that's ONLY 5 of the 25+! What a WIP slacker!

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