Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy 2011

It's a year of new resolutions...or in my case old ones that I just need to focus on a little harder.

2010 was a good year for me. I became more conscience of my health and exercise routine. I feel better and see results from my efforts. More to do, still need to stay focused. I enjoyed spending quality time with family and wonderful friends and am truly very blessed in that department!

My sales in my consignment shop were steady. Sales for my online shops were nothing to write home about, but considering little promoting, not really that bad. Need to step up to the plate more in 2011. However, I had more custom orders for 2010 than ever before. I have a constant stream of ideas for shop items, finding the time to make it all come together is the challenge. I was able to get my second pattern out on the market, which is a miracle in itself. Others are in the wings and fingers crossed that I can get #3 and maybe #4 underway in 2011.

I didn't teach classes as much as I had hoped in 2011, but I resolve to schedule more this year. I have been networking some and have two different ventures I hope to pursue that have come my way recently. I'm hoping those work out, time will tell, wish me luck.

I have been the most disappointed in my blogging for 2010. I mean really, my last blog post was August 9th? So I had nothing I wanted to write from 8/9/10 to today, 1/1/11? Not true, I had much I wanted to share, but getting it from brain to typing fingers was always the thing I would do next - and next just didn't come. I've done several recent projects that I hope to share with pictures. I am vowing to do a better job of blogging in 2011.

So that's it for my resolutions. Not over the moon, just reasonably realistic.

I hope that you will also accomplish your New Year resolutions for 2011, both new and old! Here's to good health, much love, friendship and prosperity!

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myminimocs said...

sounds like you've got a good plan in the works!
keep it going - best wishes for continued success in the New Year!!!