Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How McStevie got his name

Many of my friends and ALL of my internet friends know my husband Steve, as McStevie.

To clear up any confusion as to "why" I call him that I will need to dial back to an evening a couple of years ago when Grey's Anatomy was on the TV. I am a big fan, as well as many of my family members, especially my daughter, Mandy. Mandy happened to call me after an especially "hot" episode and her Dad got on to talk to her for a minute. He was a bit ignored because soon we began talking about the episode that was on earlier and we got all McSteamy this and McDreamy that. In the excitement of all the "hotness" we totally forgot about "Dad" wanting to talk. After several minutes, there was a big clearing of throat. "Ah, this is"McStevie"here.... wondering if you could stop to take a breath for a minute and let me say somethin." Needless to say, there was an eruption of laughter from both Mandy and me and I think I peed my pants a little.

~McStevie and daughter, Mandy~

Patrick Dempsey AKA
Derek Shepherd, AKA"McDreamy"

Eric Dan AKA Mark Sloan, AKA"McSteamy"

You can catch up with episodes here.

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mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Awww he is deserving of the nickname!! Handsome fella!!! :) When does Greys start again?? LOL