Thursday, January 08, 2009

Simple Pleasure ~~Thursday~~

and ah-hah moments….

As of this morning, I am going to do my best this year to blog about Simple Pleasures on Thursdays. It is important to connect with the little things, very important.

My bff Pat is here from KY for a visit and we were having a spiritual connection (don’t you love those with a good friend) and she showed me her daily devotions book, taking just “a little time” each day for herself to make her own spiritual connection. Hmm… I thought, I have a very similar book given to me by my youngest sister for Christmas (back in the nineties, geeze) that sits on the bottom shelf of my nightstand. It has been there since I used it the first year that she gave it to me. I dusted it off and opened it this morning. If interested, the name of the book is A Simple Abundance, Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Needless to say, I had forgotten how comforting this book was. I read from January 1 to today (usually a just a page a day). The message on January 7 was... How Happy Are You Right Now? Mmm…ponder that for a minute, or several. What are the little, simple pleasures, that make you content?? As I was pondering, I looked up in thought, out the window and at MY EMPTY BIRD FEEDERS! OMG, I cannot have my birds starving. AND, it is snowing….oh the shame...the guilt! And then, a mental picture of Oprah came to mind - I said ah hah! This morning, that very moment I sprang from my chair and battled the knee deep snow to make my way to my contentment.

It’s a little thing, but when the chickadees, the titmouse, the blue jays, the red breasted woodpeckers, (only to name a few) and Fred and Ethel, my cardinals come around, my heart could just melt the snow. Now, it doesn’t matter that I have to walk away from the window to get anything done for the day. I don’t really need to see them, as long as I know they are being taken care of and enjoying themselves I am content. Birds in winter….my today’s Thursday Pleasure, what’s yours?

A side note: I gotta tell ya, when you live in northern NY the winters are long. Yesterday we woke up to freezing rain, this morning it is snow. You have to have a good attitude and be easily humored to live here. Fortunately, I have both. The name sewhappy fits me.

Yummo....a full banquet.

Keeping with the theme of simple pleasures and gratitude, I would like to cheer lead for a wonderful etsy crafter ~~ maranda of Cowgirl Creations. View her shop here. She makes these fabulous gratitude/prayer boxes. Here are the four that I have purchased from her so far. The bottom two she custom designed for my grandchildren. Luv Luv!


artist victoria o'neill said...

Hi, I live in Pennsylvania and we have a forecast of snow for tomorrow. I really am not much of a winter fan, but I love to see the cardinals in winter. Yesterday I saw two.......beautiful!

hdawnparratt said...

oh these boxes are so cute, what a great idea!! thanks for sharing them :)