Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving FIRST…and pass the gravy...if you PLEASE…

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  It has been for several years now.  When I was a kid and when my children were little Christmas was right up there at the top.  That was back then….in the “old days” when Thanksgiving and Christmas were their OWN holidays.  It’s not like that now.  As Halloween was approaching the stores were stocking shelves with Christmas decorations.  I was shopping in one of the big box stores a couple of weeks ago and Christmas songs were playing.  Last week my go-to radio station began playing Christmas songs as well.  Please don’t think I am a scrooge.  I love celebrating Christmas, the birth of Christ and all that Christmas stands for, I truly do.  And, I get that the stores want to get a jump on the biggest season of the year for their sales…but honestly, it worked OK “back in the day” when the holidays were separate.   I get that people like to get their decorations ready when the weather is warmer so they are all set for the holidays.  I.Do.Get.That.  But, could you possibly wait until the day after Thanksgiving to turn them on?  

I’d love to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving for the holiday that it is without thinking I need to get up from the table and brave all of those deer in the headlights frantic shoppers and look for the best bargain for that person that is so hard to buy for.  W-H-A-T?  Not this gal.  Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for all of your blessings.  I have many blessings and I am VERY THANKFUL.  I also have a 14 pound turkey that I’m looking forward to cook and warm up the leftovers the days after. 

I will now slide down from my high horse to share a family Thanksgiving story with you. Several years ago after friends and family had enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving meal cooked my moi we decided it was time to move away from the table.  As we were doing so, I asked McStevie if he would give a go at carving the rest of the turkey.  He picked up the turkey and tray to move to more counter space and lost his grip.  The turkey fell to the floor in a plop!  For a few seconds I was transported to my favorite Christmastime movie, A Christmas Story, minus Ralphie, minus his shoot your eye out Red Ryder BB gun, and thankfully, minus the neighbor's 8 or so ravenous dogs.  But Ralphie left my thoughts as fast as he had entered them and I found myself laughing hysterically (I may have peed my pants a bit too) along with everyone else in the room.  McStevie, calm as a cucumber, picked the bird up, set it on the counter and proceeded to finished off the bird.  Said something about a 10 second foul fowl.  That was the day that Thanksgiving became my favorite holiday.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with many blessings.  I’ll wish you all a wonderful Christmas when it’s CHRISTMAS TIME.

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