Monday, August 15, 2011

Time for a Giveaway!!

OMG it has been FOREVER since I did a give away!  I need to get that straightend out PRONTO.

See this lovely little Spidy Mat?? (It's a shame the picture doesn't show how those little blue and orange crystals AND the clear center one sparkle in the light.)  Those cute eyes light up in the dark and the thread that is top-stitched around the outside is GLOW IN THE DARK thread.  WOWZA this was a fun pattern to create.  Barring catastrophes the IcanQuilt Reversible Spidy Mat pattern should be out shortly.   I have had it in the works since last year at this time and have created a bunch of these in all kinds of spidy fabrics...they aren't hard to find this time of year.  The great part is that you can put something else on the reverse side so that when Halloween is over you can use it through the fall if you want. 

Click on the pic to enlarge
Click on the Pic to enlarge for detail
This one has the (optional) center piece that was fun from another "spidy" fabric and reverses to an orange fall leaf fabric.  I like to put a candy dish on mine through the month of October and then my trick or treat candy basket on it the night the goolies and goblin "littles" come out.

OK sew...this is how you enter to win this little mat:
You get 1 entry for leaving a comment on my blog.
You get 1 entry for following my blog.
You get 1 entry for going to my IcanQuilt website and liking my SewHappyDesigns on FB
You get 1 entry for going to my IcanQuilt website and liking my IcanQuilt Company on FB (my pattern Co.)
You get 1 entry for checking out my SewHappyDesigns Artfire shop and leaving which item is your favorite in your comment. 
You get 1 entry for leaving in your comment a suggestion of an item you would like to see me make and list in my Artfire shop.  (I make many items that I don't list there, so this entry will be very helpful to me.)

Now if you already follow my blog or are a SewHappyDesigns or IcanQuilt Company fan, be sure you let me know so that I will count that entry.

I will be drawing the winner on September 23rd and you will receive it the last week of September.  Plenty of time for your Halloween fun!

Good Luck and Thank You for supporting handmade!!!



coltpixy said...

I already follow your blog and have been a fan of both of your pages for a while.
I think you should list the stand mixer covers. I adore the one you made for me.
My favorite matches the mixer cover and bag golder you made for me...

aislinn said...

OKay, i'm following the blog, liked both places. Hmmmm....favorite things...choices first thing in the morning...i'm going to have to go with

It matches my potato bag which i LOVE and my potholders and kitchen towel i got from you.

i really dont know what to add to your shop.

Athena said...

I already follow both your FB pages, and now I'm following your blog (can't believe I didn't have it already)

I love the baby set in your AF shop and my suggestion is you make more of them, but I could be biased LOL.

Cat said...

I already like both of your shops on FB
I'll hold back from telling you what to put in your shop ... as I like to say I can't sew if my life depended on it and therefore don't feel qualified for that ;-)
Good that you do it so well!

Anonymous said...

I want a matching Spidey Mat to go with the one I already have. ;)