Friday, March 11, 2011

Kitchen Makeover is Coming!

We ordered the cupboards today! A sample of a cupboard is pictured below. They are Maple wood with a Paprika Chocolate Glaze. Doesn't that sound divine? Can't you see me in my favorite Martha Stewart apron, mouthing the words YUMMO like Rachel Ray and doing my little "BAM" routine from Emeril? Oh Ya, I am KICKIN IT UP A NOTCH! Actually, SEVERAL notches.
OMG OMG I am getting sew excited. We have lived in this house for over 15 years now and we have done all kinds of makeovers from new bathrooms to new siding, saving the most expensive item for LAST. I have struggled with this non-functional kitchen with the pitiful few cupboards for what seems like an eternity.

Yippee, no more drawer that goes off it's hinges when you pull it out just right. No more throwing Tupperware in the corner cupboard and closing it quick to be sure nothing shoots back. Ya, the stuff I really want, the stuff that takes up lots of space, is back in the corner where you can't even see it and have to reach in blindly to "feel" for the right piece...ugh. And, NO more little dinky cupboard to hold ALL my pots and pans. Think I'm kidding? See below.
I got new Rachel Ray cookware (see her trademark orange handles?) last Christmas and I really hated to cram them all in my little non-functional cupboard...eech...I hope Rachel will forgive me. :)
We have picked out something we like for quartz counter-tops and need to look at some back-splashes. We are ordering the cupboards, counter-tops and back-splash at White's Lumber in Watertown. We are working with Lisa, a most patient and informative kitchen planner, as well as just a really sweet person. We have done lots of work on our home and we wouldn't have anyone but Scott Phelps General Contracting for that. He and his crew are the best and we recommend them highly.

Tomorrow we are gonna venture out into the world of new appliances. Our refrigerator is over 15 years old. Do you think appliances have changed much? I'll be sure to keep you posted on the makeover in the weeks to come. Won't be right away though, cupboards take 4-5 weeks to come in. Meantime, I'll be sitting on my hands and praying that it all comes together.

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